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Ada-Karrinyarra 5 B.jpg




·       Title: Indangangu

·       Creator: Ada Andy Napaltjarri

·       Date Created: 2005

·       Location: Karrinyarra, Western Desert, Northern Territory, Australia

·       Physical Dimensions: w33 x h58 cm

·       Type: Painting, Acrylic on Linen

·       Rights: Karrinyarra Artists

·       External Link: INDANGANGU      BLOG Catalogue

Story. This vast salt lake has springs spilling of Central Wedge. These soaks need to be dugout and let the spring seep through with good water. Surrounding this lake grow a small brown bulb that is a staple food. It is collected by the women with their digging stick and coolomon. here an thanksgiving and increment ritual is practiced by the women custodian Napaltjarri and Napangardi women. this site has a wonderful story of a Kanta Kanta ceremony where women gather from all about for a ceremony then they all return to their own homelands. family came from as far as Utopia, Kintor and Docker River.

this was painted amongst the first linen narrating the families return to stay on Karrinyarra with their closest kin. The Mandala refers to a sense of wholeness experienced on our connection our land. The central motif is a sacred Teminus, referring to a water or campfire. The 2 women sit about the teminus with their coolomon and digging stick. Here is ancestral prayer for nourishment for their loved ones in a very extreme environmental regeneration capacity.

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This is an important window into Ada's imagination. she places images of her FOODS as a pragmatic cultural food. After several attempts to paint how they look in her food image she quickly returned to the collective image  holding her sacred moiety and real food.  As artists we distill our practice into the collective to resonate oneness with image and its story.