About our Weaving Family

We are a small body of North Queensland Master Weavers practicing Traditional Folk Craft from the Pacific Basin

Here we present our regional fibers and our interest in mastering their traditional use

 We provide contemporary transmission of their continuum relevance 


About our Karrinyarra Family

KARRINYARRA FAMILY is a large body of extended family whose ancestral connection to Central Mt Wedge land was authenticated in 1999 by Land Council recognition and hand-back to the Traditional Owners

The humble outstation has been home to a primary core of close elders with many family visiting and reconnecting to their country during the seasonal tides of travel and cultural continuum

These paintings are produced by Karrinyarra Anangu (Traditional) and Kardia (European) family

Stuart Llwyd

As a practicing Artist, Curator and Web Manager, this painting collection has been gathered over 30 years. It is a record of my wife and my paintings, alongside our Karrinyarra Anangu family.

I have always understood that the paintings were carrying a collective stream of awareness and with the grace of growing our children together with this Old Andy Tjungurrayi family, we were in a unique position to hold the collection until we had time and distance to articulate this deeper collective narrative.

I understand the unconscious reveals itself through metaphor.

Joseph Campbell's instruction towards Story & Meaning has prescribed my work to reimagine the old stories that have always nourished humanity.

As a cultural community artist I enjoy the creative process, as the tool to work with, resolving paradoxes and bringing sustainability and connection to our modern lives.

Today I am curating this Historical Women's' Collection of Karrinyarra Artists, together with our other life work.

As Cultural Families we practice as stand alone artists.

We seek to empower our Homeland Families Living Practices.

We now place this collection into our contemporary art environment. 

Archetypes are ENERGY looking for physical form to Occupy and to come Alive through.


As an Independent Network of Remote Artists, we return funding directly to the artists' to support their Outstation & Cultural Arts Retention Practices.

As extended family we co-operate together to activate our small independent business : We have no affiliation with any other Art Center or Gallery Network.

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Sponsors : Queensland Arts, Cassowary Coast, Australian Museum, Australia Council

This site is Curated and Managed by Stuart Llwyd Tjakamarra