COCONUT LEAF / by Okka Wikka


Coconut Leaf Weaving Patterns : Curriculum

This natural fibre curriculum provides a visual self help teaching program designed from 40 years collaboration with cultural elders : the teaching of simple fibre folk craft.
"Hands On Maths" is an appropriate explanation for the geometric foundation patterns using natural fibres.

Hand skills are mastered in cutting, bending, folding, knotting, splicing, splitting, stripping, weaving. These skills are suitable for 4 year old students up and all patterns are suitable for 8 year old up.

These coconut leaf patterns have been condensed from the universal use of this tropical fibre. Coconut has been used as a cornerstone fibre for Tropical Material Culture and is part of our Collective Memory. 

With the emergence of our technological fibres many of these folk skills are lost from the Common Community Knowledge Base

We have found that Coconut Leaf provides a readily available renewable fibre.
A factor often important for cash restrained Youth Educationalists.

We have demonstrated teaching these skills in many contemporary events, educational and recreational programs. A simple ground mat, blunt scissors, a bundle of fresh coconut leaflets and an energetic instructor can provide a small teaching pod, capable of teaching deep cultural wealth and provide a real economic business.

Self help has been a constant theme in our reinterpretation of placing Cultural Heritage Fibres into contemporary relevance.
Most lessons are from 5 to 15 minutes of teaching .
30 minutes is very suitable for the most complex patterns in this series.
We have demonstrated continually over the years that 20 minute teaching of 3 simple patterns, to a body of Peer Teachers, is sufficient to engage these Student Peer Teachers; to then teach others.

You are welcome to send us feed back toward the embellishment of this open source curriculum.