The colour toning has a gnostic metaphoric meaning for the painter.

What is remarkable is the simple geometric shapes in these visual metaphors.

Here we enter the outer form (Artist’s Vessel) of the Soul Breath Psyche - SELF.

Of all the most simplistic unbroken continuums the basket is the "FIRST BASKET"

The motif is the " FIRST VISUAL STORY".

These patterns transcend the personal and cultural and are keystone Art Archetypes, being a vessel for the Gods themselves.

And here we witness the core meaning our Arts and Folk Craft hold in our contemporary educations and culture.

Here we see images of the bicornual basket endemic to our Bama Culture. These are painted in simple geometric patterns holding customary meaning.

Again, in the Karrinyarra Artists work we witness these same geometric motifs that are painted as the first markings on the blank linen or ceremonial ground.

By their living continuum, universal visual patterns have always held a sustainable STORY.

This Story is still the “Story For Our Times”

As modern artists we shape this old story into the idiom for our times.