LLWYDS / by Okka Wikka


Kate and Stuart Lloyd are Cultural Artists who have worked in remote Australia since 1973

They live in the wet tropics of Far North Queensland. They are field anthropologists researching primary natural fiber material culture and metaphoric coding within the visual arts

Master Weavers

As master weavers they innovated a contemporary natural fiber weaving industry in the wet tropics in 1980 and have worked since as community artists in events and schools internationally

Since 1982 they have acted as national ambassadors for the crafts and performed as master weavers and educators throughout Europe and the Pacific Basin

Education with primary/archetypal fiber craft skills

Their life experience has demonstrated the powerful results the folk craft kinaesthetic skills have in connecting left and right brain motor skills and hence precursor skills recommended for the 3 R's development

Equally valuable is the finer perception of connecting the student to the continuum of culture and land through the fiber crafts and visual arts

They have helped facilitate KOCA as an unincorporated networking body for indigenous fiber artists in Far North Queensland & Cape York. --- Keeping Our Culture Alive ---

Under encouragement from many Elders they have networked, archived pattern language, developed curriculum and are supporting educating apprentices to contemporise these cultural heritages


Painting since 1982, has actively complimented an archetypal narrative which explores the power of metaphor and symbolism in the visual arts
This narrative explores the Arts, as nourishing for our contemporary community : activating a quest to articulate anew the

"Story for Our Time"

This "Story for Our Time" carries a contemporary essence reflecting a mirror to Karrinyarra and our Indigenous Australians

"Our Aboriginal Australia, carries mans longest living unbroken cultural narrative, with visual art patterns that emerge from archetypal templates" 

Karrinyarra Artists

The Llwyd's have supported their Karrinyarra family to find stand alone, self empowerment and independence through their extraordinary painting gifts and life on their traditional homeland

The Llwyd's recognise that Karrinyarra is a Homeland initiative that holds a traditional family continuum.

Karrinyarra has no direct affiliation with any Indigenous Community Art Centre or Art Hub

"Karrinyarra Artists" is a Karrinyarra Family Business designed to self help Homeland - Outstation economic independence and hold a painting archival collection for future generations

The Llwyd's present their own art production along side their traditional western desert family

The Llwyd's now manage Karrinyarra and Okka Wikka exhibitions and archival research