Our grandmothers have been customary cauldron of wisdom that holds the living continuum. 

Here the yoni of the great mother is a transcendent metaphor of the Visca de Pices and recurring geometric motif throughout my painting narrative.

Here in my inner contemplation of the sacred womens site of Kata Juta and the full moon from within her folds I was overwhelmed by synchronistic timing of my western entry from Docker River.   

I was on a personal mission to find the enduring the meaning for my next life journey and had left the west with intention of a lone pilgrimage back to my most significant life country, Karrinyarra. Through the grace of of my sister in law Ada Napaltjarri I had transcended the extractive colonisation of East Coast maya/ illusion. 

Here in the great western desert my soul was placed in country and soul instruction that transcended  all landscapes and belonging.  

Design parameters focused with research into the first tools the mandorla. 

The sacred women's dancing boards, ada compulsively chipped out of the hardest of woods to make small motifs used in customary ceremony. 

 Again in the men's tools such as the mulga shovel nosed spears, the woomera and the shield, were all customary decorated with universal motifs        

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